Spring Bar Remover Tools

Spring bar tools are an essential accessory for every watch wearer. These tools are specifically designed to remove and reinstall spring bars and make changing watch straps easier. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a professional, this tool makes adjusting your watch straps a breeze. A practical helper that should not be missing from any watch collection.

  • $30.90

    The Swiss Made Bergeon 6767-F tool for fitting and removing spring-bars. It has a fine tip (ø 0.80mm), for watch cases with small lug holes, and a fork (1.00 mm), in hardened tempering steel.

    Handle: Stainless Steel
    Fork: Hardened Tempering Steel 1.0 mm
    Point: Hardened Tempering Steel ø 0.8 mm
    Length: 145 mm

  • $19.90

    The WB Original spring-bar and bracelet tool for fitting and removing spring bars, so you can attach your favorite watch strap to your watch. You can also use it for removing bracelet links with the screw part. It is made of hardened 316L Stainless Steel and has a fine tip ca. (ø 0.90 mm), a fork ca. (1.00 mm), and a flat screwdriver ca. (1.1 mm). For a tight fit of each tip, they are supported with rubber sealing rings. With a total length of only ca. 9 cm, the tool is extremely handy and easy to travel with, so you can change your straps almost everywhere.

    Handle: Hardened 316L Stainless Steel
    Fork: Hardened 316L Stainless Steel ca. 1.0 mm
    Point: Hardened 316L Stainless Steel ca. ø 0.9 mm
    Screw: Hardened 316L Stainless Steel ca. ø 1.1 mm
    Length: ca. 9 cm

  • $19.90

    The RIOS1931 Spring Bar Tool is used to remove spring bars, so that you can attach your favorite bracelet to your watch.